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Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
and convenience for the rest of us here. we are going to be working around the clock, 24/7 until we get this done. the next few days, the weather is favorable. we will try to get as much done as possible. >>> on the bright side, the weather is going to hold out long enough for the main to be repaired. dpw says in the meantime, no one is without waterer at this point the host of dancing with the stars, facing a huge health battle. >> what brook burke is saying about her cancer diagnosis and how many women are also in her shoes. >>> black friday isn't what it used to be. inside the biggest ads for wal- mart and target. >>> do you take your stress out like this lady? the extremes some employees are going to. >>> in health alert, talking about thyroid cancer, brook burke revealed her diagnosis this week, and now she is going to have to have surgery to have her thyroid removed. in 2011 this were 48,000 new cases diagnosed. 36,000 were in women. we posted the story of brook burke on facebook for the station. while you sent well wishes, you told us your stories about surges and life afterwards for thyro
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
homophobic, and put all of us in a box, saying football players are homophobic, but now you can't say that anymore, guys are talking about the issue, it's important. >> reporter: opponents were also not idle today, they have been passing out flyers encouraging people to vote against that issue. the other questions are also bringing people to the polls, and we'll talk more about those issues coming up a little later. >> all right, rosie. plenty of questions on our balance hot, but the spotlight will be on the two presidential nominees, and tonight president obama will be in his hometown of chicago. he took time to thank his supporters today. >> reporter: at a stop in a chicago campaign office this morning, president obama urged people from both political parties to vote this election day. >> make sure that you exercise this precious right that we have. >> reporter: the president closed out his final campaign event with a night time rally in iowa. the same state where a victory four years ago launched a successful bid to the white house. >> i've come back to iowa one more time to ask
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2